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✓ Conversation about topics of your choice
Practicing the language with a native, by having interesting conversations, is a great way to improve your level of french. It gives you the opportunity to work on your pronunciation as well as your listening and speaking skills. We can chat about literally any subject, from politics to french slangs and even insults. Don’t be shy to ask, I know a lot of them.

✓ Grammar points illustrated with exercices
All the lessons are adapted to your level and your needs. With interactive resources online we can create some exercises together to practice what you have just learnt. To some people, studying grammar gives them a stronger structure and better understanding. To others, it confuses and bores them. No worries, we’ll find something that works for you, grammar or no grammar.

✓ Discovery of french culture
Learning a new language also means entering a whole new universe where landmarks are not the same. In France, we don’t listen to the same music, we don’t eat the same food and we don’t watch the same movies. It’ll be a pleasure for me to share my culture with you through recommandations about art, food, cinema or music.

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✓ Interesting topics
Having been a student myself, I know the best way to learn something is to find interesting topics that make you forget you’re even speaking another language. I’ve noticed through my teaching experience that students who are really involved in their learning journey have the best results. Help me design the most customized class by giving me as much information as possible about your expectations, your objectives and your desires. You want to learn more about french cheese? About sports? You want to improve your writing skills? I want to know.

✓ Different mediums
To make the classes more interesting I try to use different mediums, such as images, songs or videos. I can share a google document with you with all the main points of each of our lesson as well as the new vocabulary. I can also give you some homework for you to practice the language outside of our classes.

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As an expat myself, I know how difficult it is to adapt to a new job market. I offer two different coaching sessions.

✓ Creating and improving your CV
This one hour session will allow you to work on your CV with me. I can offer you great templates of french CVs, help you find the best translations, the right keywords that will make a difference, and highlight your skills and experiences. Together, we’ll work to improve your CV in order to increase your chances on getting the job of your dreams in French speaking countries.

✓ Writing the best Cover Letter
Writing your cover letter in another language doesn’t have to be so hard. Together, we will identify your strengths, your professional objectives and we will write a cover letter showing your future employees that you are the right person for the job.

If one session is not enough, we can coordinate another session to finish our work. If you want to go further, we can also talk about doing a job interview training session.

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book a french class