French private tutoring

How do I book a french class?

Just click here, choose the option you want, the date, and fill the booking form.

How do I pay?

You don’t have to pay right away when you book a class. After each of our classes, I’ll send you a mail with a Paypal Link. It’s very simple, fast and secure. You can pay with your credit card, or a Paypal account.

Please note that you cannot book another class before paying the preceding one.

Can I cancel a class?

You can always cancel a class, but you’ll have a refund only if you cancel at least 24 hours before the class. Otherwise, you will have to pay.

Can I reschedule a class?

You can reschedule the class. You have two options:

>If you reschedule the class at least one day before the session, you’ll have a reschedule fee of 10%

>If you do it less than a day before, you’ll have a reschedule fee of 30% of the cost of the class.


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How do I work with you?

Send me an e-mail with a detailed proposal.

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