my story: about me

My name is Pauline, and I love to connect with people.

Whether it’s with my voice, my written words, through a screen or face to face.

Foreign languages have always fascinated me, because they seem so mysterious at first, but when you get to know them, they become bridges you can use to cross into new cultures, new countries and new friendships.

Born and raised in Paris, I moved to Buenos Aires after finishing my master’s degree in Business. That’s where I started teaching french, both online and face to face. Having learned spanish all by myself, and now being in the process of learning italian, I discovered I had a thing with languages. Guiding students in their learning process was quite intuitive for me.

Along the way, my curiosity for other countries got mixed up with my love for writing. Little by little, I developed an urge to share what I was living, and I became a storyteller, using social media and blogging as my playground.

In 2016, I started a personal blog about my life in South America. I loved writing so much that I finally wrote a whole book in french about my travels as a student. I am now freelancing for some websites where I write about my travels, and the city I now call home, Buenos Aires.

Passionate about social media, I love using it to share meaningful content to the world. Finding the right words to describe an experience or a feeling is something I strive for everyday.

french teacher and french content writer
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